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Lilia Perez

MCI Resident Lead

I came to Los Angeles in 1994 and my kids attended local schools. I have seen many people leave mainly due to safety concerns, problems with neighborhood schools, and the lack of concrete supports. I was attracted to MCI because of the vision expressed in the hope and dream statement. If we as a network work hard and achieve the long-term goals, the children, families and the community as a whole will have a better future. The community belongs to the residents who live in it; they are context experts and should be agents of change. I work to support them and to give them platforms to use their voices to drive community change.

Luz Wilkerson

Data Management Specialist

I’ve lived and worked in Los Angeles all my life. I see its beauty and its tears. My professional journey began in the 1980s working at Halliburton. This was the era of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and a new technological world. I was recruited into Management Information Systems (MIS) and through their employee educational programs, in time I learned and became an Applications Developer. From there I hopped over to the Non-profit sector determined to bring what I know to the effort of a better world. Over the years I was able to fuse my developer and analytical talents together which has helped me greatly.

Blanca P. Garcia

MCI Project/Innovations Manager

I joined MCI after being part of the Adoption Promotion and Support Services (APSS) Program within Children's Bureau’s Foster Care & Adoptions Department. The MCI hope and dream statement resonated with me and I was drawn to the idea of being able to improve the well-being of a community as a whole not just one family at a time. I was born and raised in south Los Angeles and attended schools both within and right outside the borders of the MCI catchment area. I have experienced firsthand both the challenges and benefits of this community and strive to help make positive changes for all who visit, work and live in this community.

Manuel Fierro

Director of Strategy & Innovation

I believe my experience in community work with Best Start can be leveraged and applicable to MCI network. Additionally, I am thrilled to join a network of committed organizations, staff and residents who believe change is possible and are taking action so that families and communities thrive. As a native Angelino I am invested in making positive change, especially in areas like MCI’s focus, which have historically experienced inequities.