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This has been the driving motivation behind MCI Network for over ten years. During this time, the network partners continue to galvanize community residents and organizational partners to create a local response to improving their community.

In this case, improving the community means contributing to safe and supportive environments for their children and the neighborhood’s children. This includes moving beyond providing services to a subset of community members to contributing to a community culture that will support and sustain health and well-being for everyone or what we call getting to scale.

By uniting everyone under this “big idea,” MCI Network has allowed for a convergence of people’s ideas, concepts and tools that have fostered working in innovative ways. Fundamentally, improving the lives of the 35,000 children within a particular community, or getting to scale, is not only about the “right” service, strategy or planning process but about understanding all efforts occurring as part of a complex adaptive system.

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Deep Community Knowledge

One of MCI Network's biggest strengths is the collaborative efforts of the community residents and organization partners working together towards a shared vision and commitment to the community.

Our network is working to help create safe and supportive environments for all the children in the MCI catchment area. Together we contribute to a community culture that will sustain health and wellbeing for everyone.

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