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The MCI Fellowship has been an integral part of the MCI network since 2013. It provides an opportunity for staff development that helps emerging leaders cultivate their skills by digging deep into the MCI approach. Fellows embark on a transformative personal and professional learning experience that:

  • Builds a solid foundation of systems thinking, network theory and Adaptive Leadership.
  • Focuses on the use of communicating with empathy, both externally (in our work with constituents) and internally (with agency and network colleagues) in our session on Adaptive Management.
  • Uses a framework of narratives –personal / family / organizational / community– to help Fellows understand how these stories connect us all together in a Complex Adaptive System and to incite Behavioral and Practice Change.
  • Broadens Fellows’ perspectives and awareness of cultural issues while learning about Equity & Social Justice.
  • Develops Fellows’ understanding of innovation through cultivating data literacy and improvement science.

Additionally, the Fellowship fosters cross-sector collaborative projects that expand the work of participating agencies, which, in turn, strengthens both the organizations and the MCI network.

Come back here to check when the application period opens. You can also stay up to date via our social media channels. If you would like more information please contact us.