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The MCI Resident Leadership Academy is a learning series co-created by residents and organizations to provide residents the skills and confidence to grow as leaders within their families and in the community at large. The ultimate goal is to have these residents move into positions of influence with decision-making power in order to create change in the community.

The lessons will cover the following themes:

  • Creating community change
  • Built environment
  • Social justice/injustice
  • Personal health & healthcare
  • Improving, measuring, and sharing health
  • Collecting, analyzing, sharing, and using data

Currently, we are seeking guest speakers to share their knowledge and expertise in any of the above themes. If interested, we will be asking for a short video (5-7 mins). These videos will be used as part of the curriculum for the lessons that are currently being further developed.

Click here to view instructions & guidelines for short videos.

If you would like to be a guest speaker or are interested in learning more, contact Lilia Perez at liliaperez@all4kids.org.