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MCI is a social innovations lab with a model for prevention that is working to go beyond direct services to create large-scale community change.

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To have 35,000 children living in the neighborhoods within the 5-square mile/500 blocks of the Magnolia Catchment Area in Los Angeles, California break all records of success in their education and health, and the quality of nurturing care and the economic stability they receive from their families and community?

MCI is driven to create safe and supportive environments for all the children in the MCI catchment area. Our network galvanizes community residents and organizational partners to create a local response to improving their community.

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One of MCI Network's biggest strengths is the collaborative efforts of the community residents and organization partners. Learn more and join our efforts.

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The MCI Network team creates and shares tools that help residents and partner agencies take actions that build upon the resilience of the community to respond to the major stressors that impact child and family wellbeing.


MCI uses a network approach to leverage resilience and community assets that combat the entrenched problems that children and families face.



Meet Quiana Sandres Spears


I connected with MCI through an event with 211LA on the topic of becoming an advocate for an early learning program. The event was held at the Children’s Bureau’s Magnolia Place Family Center. Ironically, this place was 2 minutes from my house, and I had no idea so many big things were going on in here, matter of fact I didn’t even know it existed.

It was at this event that I first connected to MCI through community outreach. I was invited to and began attending the Neighborhood Ambassador sessions where I learned about the protective factors. Resilience struck a chord with me. Being a part of these sessions helped me expand my mind, gave me a sense of purpose, and the feeling of belonging.

When you have the necessary tools, you are able to advance in life. I am now a proud owner of a business (LuvSumSweets), I graduated from college and my children are thriving both in school and emotionally. I believe if I wouldn't have been a part of MCI, I don't think I would have the full confidence to get as far as I have gotten.

Quiana Sandres Spears

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Reading Routines

MCI network seeks to improve child outcomes in education. After testing various strategies the network landed on the importance of supporting family routines that increase language acquisition and decrease developmental vulnerability. The MCI Network chose to support families, family support programs, and teachers in tracking daily reading routines after reaching a consensus to spread this routine based on research in 2013.